Gavin And Stacey – Could It Become A Classic British Sitcom?

The Gavin And Stacey Christmas special was shown on UK television on Christmas Eve as well as for me it had been the most effective program I watched on the holiday period. I was expecting The Royle Family to become the pick with the bunch but surprisingly I actually enjoyed Gavin And Stacey more. So how good are these claims series and might it turn into a classic British sitcom?

Well โดจิน think it is certainly starting to turned into a mainstream sitcom that this general British audience is beginning to really warm to. It used being hidden away on BBC3 these days it’s actually a top BBC1 show. It’s some of those implies that as soon as you watch an episode you instantly become hooked. I discovered it late on myself but having heard other folks rave about this, I watched an instalment and thought it was brilliant.

The characters are really likeable and instantly recognisable. You’ve got Gavin and his family that are from Essex, England, and you’ve got Stacey and her family who’re from Barry, South Wales, plus Smithy and Nessa naturally who’re their very best friends, and it’s when those two clans come together and interact that people get real good quality comedy.

Although the show is titled Gavin and Stacey, it is the supporting characters of Smithy, Nessa, and my own favourite character Bryn, who really steal the show. The storylines can be slow-paced and remember to develop though the comedy scenes and also the dialogue between each of the characters are fantastic, and therefore are the key reasons why I like this show a lot.

It’s not just a gag fest though. There are really quite emotional and dramatic scenes occasionally, and it’s really these believable stories that unwind over several episodes combined with classic comedy moments that make Gavin And Stacey a truly great sitcom.

This is not your traditional British sitcom. There are no studios or laughter tracks and many of the scenes appear to get filmed on location which only adds to the realism of the show. Overall it might not yet be a household favourite but I think it’s only a matter of time before it might be a mainstream hit, particularly once we have recently heard which a third series is being planned.